Cholet Känzig Papaux Trio

Cholet, Känzig and Papaux (re)met in 2002 around the pianist's music. They had already worked together in other musicians' projects for many years (Claudio Pontiggia Sextet, Il Trio, Diagonal, Oivier Ker Ourio, Matthieu Michel…).


Jean-Christophe Cholet is an extraordinary, unclassifiable pianist and composer, who combines listening, harmonic sophistication, marked sense of melody and the art of nuance and richness of timbres. Heiri Känzig and Marcel Papaux build one of the best rhythmic sections in Europe, characterized by their own exceptional consciousness of sound.


Cohesion is the motto of this trio where striking melodic verve and harmonic sensibility find a balance with a huge rhythmic work made of loops and uneven meters.  A strong and delicate drum playing, with a deep and large double bass complete the piano subtleness and lightness. Cholet's expressive and colourful piano playing, Känzig's captivating and precise sounds, Papaux's smart and faultless rhythms join together in an atmosphere that is at same time withdrawn and completely open to the world. The obvious confidence between the three musicians allows each one to take his place with a great pleasure to play together.


After more than ten years work, a new musical orientation is emerging, more organic and more orchestral, made of compositions and of completely improvised pieces. Listening is becoming sharper and reflexes naturally converge into a fully mastered universe where the frontier between formal and instant compositions gradually shrinks.


Their discography count no less than 6 albums: four in trio (the latest, Connex, released October 2011), a recording for Enja Records with famous American saxophonist Charlie Mariano (Silber Blue, 2007) and a recording for La Buissonne with Elise Caron and Arsys Bourgogne Choir (Hymne à la Nuit, 2011). Release of the 7th album is planned in Autumn 2014.