Japan Tour 2016

2016 09 06  Kyoto / RAG

2016 09 07  Kanazawa / Mokkiriya

2016 09 08  Niigata / Jazz Flash

2016 09 09  Jyoetsu / La Sone Karyo

2016 09 10  afternoon Tokyo / Pit Inn

2016 09 10  evening Yokohama / Airegin


2016 09 11  Kashiwa / Nardis


Japan Tour 2015

6 novembre 2014 Conservatoire, Magdeburg, D (en coop° avec l'Institut Français)

7 novembre 2014 Kultur im Esel, Einbeck-Sülbeck, D (Jazzfest Göttingen)
novembre 2014 Mediencampus Villa Ida, Leipzig, D

novembre 2014 Altes Pfandhaus, Köln, D

21 novembre 2014 Conservatoire, Blois, F

22 novembre 2014 Samedis du Jazz, Théâtre, Orléans, F

23 novembre 2014, Salle des Fêtes, Baule, F

9 janvier 2015 Jazzclub, Bamberg, D

10 janvier 2015 Jazzclub, Bayreuth, D


CKP Trio's new album was recorded last May at Studio la Buissonne and mixed in June at Bauer Studio in Ludwigsburg.

It will release next November on German label NEUKLANG, in cooperation with Swiss radio SRF. A tour will follow in 2014-2015 in Germany, France, Switzerland and in Japan in May 2015.


The CD "Organic" by CKP Trio has arrived!
Don't look for it in stores, it is a sampler with 10 titles recorded during a completely improvised session. Aimed at promotion, it is a foretaste for the new album that will release on October 31st, 2014.
Those of you who are fortunate will be able to discover it next week on the JazzAhead! Fair in Bremen, Germany!

Next Gigs

Next Concerts in February 2014

April 14th 2014 D'Jazz Nevers, Cosne-sur-Loire, F
July 12th 2014 Aarhus Jazz Festival, Aarhus, DK

November 6th 2014 Konservatorium, Magdeburg, D(in cooperation with Institut Français)
7th 2014 Kultur im Esel
, Einbeck-Sülbeck, D (in cooperation with Jazzfest Göttingen)
8th 2014 Mediencampus Villa Ida, Leipzig, D
November 9th 2014 Altes Pfandhaus, Köln, D (TBC)
November 22nd 2014 Théâtre, Orléans, F

Jean-Christophe Cholet and the whole Infingo team wish you

all the best for 2014!

Musicians will meet again in mid-January to work further on the preparing of the recording supported by SRDRS (Schweizer Radio DRS), planned in May 2014 at the Studios La Buissonne.

December 1st to 7th 2013 we were in Artist-in-Residence in Hamburg with the NDR-Choir at the Norddeutscher Rundfunk with Élise Caron to rehearse and present "Hymne à la Nuit". A special thanks to Stefan Gerdes (NDR) and Marita Prohmann (NDR-Chor) and their teams for the warm welcome and the organisation of this common project. It was a very rich experience for us, in terms of music and human relationships.

10th october 2013 : gig at "Chorus" in Lausanne, CH. Marcel Papaux was back with his full energy after a 4-month-convalescence... Noël Alfonsi and Sandrine Pistolet (Atelier 58) shot a video in a very simple manner wirth our faithful sound engineer Boris Darley. 
Videos soon available on our site! 

Jc / Ramon / M. Engi / Heiri
Jc / Ramon / M. Engi / Heiri

The gigs by the trio in May were a real success although Marcel Papaux was injured and replaced at the last minute by Ramon Lopez. German press is flattering: "an exceptionnal concert by a trio open to experimentation". "A dynamic, modern and unclassifiable jazz". "A music playing full of variations and breathtaking soli".


The trio still has a few concerts going on until summer holidays and they will then rehearse a completely new programme that will be created in the autumn and recorded in January 2014 at studios La Buissonne in Pernes les Fontaines. 


During the summer, Jean-Christophe Cholet will meet no less than 3 orchestras: the Orchestre symphonique Région Centre-Tours for the concerto «Traversées», with Guillaume de Chassy on piano (Abbaye de Noirlac), but also King’s Lynn orchestra for the creation of one of his piece of music in England  and finally the Orchestre d’harmonie de Melun for the project with Nguyen Lê quintett «Song of freedom».

And finally, he will take part in the music course «Jazzter’trad» in Marciac from 5th to 8th August 2013.


A quite studious holiday season!

-Concerts 2013-

10th, 11th, 12th August > Artist-in-Residence for the creation of the new programm

2nd Oct. > Theater Ticino (CH) 

3rd Oct. > Porgy & Bess - Wien (A) TBC

11th Oct. > Chorus - Lausanne (CH)
1st-7th Nov. > Festival Jazz Province Kursk/Lipetsk (RU) with Gildas - TBC
5th, 6th and 7th Dec. > NDR, Hamburg + St Georgen Kirche, Wismar (D) 
(Project "Hymne à la Nuit" in partnership with NDR-Choir)




Concert in JazzClub Uster 

Report by Michele Himmelrich

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